Wood Garage Door – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Looking For a New Garage Door? Choose The Right Material For Your New Door

Choosing the right garage door for your home is a very overwhelming. When you want to change your old overhead door with a new one, you may get confused with the variety of doors. You may have heard about different materials from your colleagues, friends and family members. There is no doubt that all the material come with longevity, durability and other features. But choose the right one which delivers you high return on investment (ROI) is a very difficult process.

If you want to add a traditional look to your house, wood door is the right choice for you. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of wood garage door.


  1. Beautiful: These traditional and classical doors are authentic and beautiful. Wooden doors are made of different types of timber and you can easily choose the type of wood that you want. These doors are available in various designs and some popular and the most famous designs are contemporary, classic and carriage style.
  2. Dent proof: Aluminum or steel overhead doors are easy to dent. But wooden doors don’t dent. If you have active and naughty kids in your house and in the neighborhood who plays with balls in front of your garage, wood door is the right choice because of its durability.
  3. Variety of prices: Wood doors are available in different prices from mid-price to very expensive. The lowest price doors are made of a lightweight timber frame and these doors are insulated. The very expensive doors are made of redwood, cedar, hemlock and mahogany.


  1. High maintenance: If these doors enhance the curb appeal your house, then these doors require maintenance on a regular basis. You must paint your door every two or three years to keep a fresh look.
  2. Insulation problems:Insulation is the main problem with timber doors. Some doors may offer you insulation, but most of the doors are not. When you buy a door, make sure you ask about the insulation from a dealer.
  3. Not durable in water: If you live in a heavy rainy area, the wood door is not a good choice for you. Due to the continuous contact with water, the door can bow and become damage.
  4. Cost: It is true that these doors are available in different prices, but all these doors will cost you more than other materials. Everyone cannot afford this door for their garage.

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