Think Twice Before Storing These 5 Things In Your Garage

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Think Twice Before Storing These 5 Things In Your Garage

Your garage has a massive amount of space. A lot of space is left unused after parking your vehicle. What to do with that space? Very simple answer, do whatever you want to do but don’t store anything you like to store in your garage.

Garage door hosts extreme temperatures and you cannot store anything down there as you like. There is a long list of things which can get destroyed or damaged, if stored in the garage. This will eventually lead to loss of money, making you buy those products again and the worst thing is that some of these things can never be traced back or bought!

5 Things Not To Store In Your Garage

  1. Propane Tanks
  2. Propane tanks are of great help when it comes to cooking your favorite dishes. However, when not stored with care, can lead to a leak. A leak of propane can be really dangerous. Garage hosts extreme summer climates and other stuff which can evoke a spark, eventually leading to a propane explosion. So, one has to be extra cautious while storing it.

  3. Paint
  4. Although, it is a good idea to store the leftover paint for next year use but one should know where to store these kinds of things. Due to extreme temperatures inside the garage during harsh climates, the leftover paint won’t last too long. Cans stored on the floor will also rust faster as compared to the ones stored on shelf.

  5. Piles Of Paper
  6. Piles of paper when stored in the garage, can invite a lot of pests including rats and mice. These pests are always looking for a place to hide, where they can stay and lay their eggs. Do you want a colony of pests underneath those piles of paper in your garage? You obviously don’t want that, so better place them outside the garage.

  7. Paintings
  8. Just like paint, paintings are at the risk of getting damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures. The paint inside the paintings starts to expand and contract during summers and winters respectively. We just hope that your painting is not worth millions of dollars! Even if not, why to get a beautiful painting destroyed by extreme temperatures.

  9. Electronic Items
  10. Electronic items when exposed to extreme temperatures can get damaged easily. You must have seen your DVD’s remaining of no use when left open in the extreme sunlight on your car’s dashboard. Same is the case with garage, CD’s, DVD’s, computer items all can get affected by these high temperatures and remain of no use.

Want Some Professional Help?

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