How To Safely Inspect Your Garage Doors

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How To Safely Inspect Your Garage Doors

Garage doors not only ensure the security of your place, but also enhance the curb appeal of your home. A good quality door can add to the beauty of your property. When it is doing so much for you, it makes sense to pay due attention to its maintenance and repair. It is vital to maintain the pristine condition of your door, in order to keep your family and valuables safe and secure. Here are some simple ways to check the working condition of your door.

  1. Check Old Springs

    Undoubtedly, garage door springs are the most essential parts of your door. However, these are also the most dangerous parts of the door. Since, they work under a lot of pressure, you need to be extra careful while dealing with them. If you lack experience and sufficient tools, you should always maintain a safe distance from them. If the springs are damaged or broken, make sure you hire a professional for the replacement job. Experts have the knowledge and required equipments to replace the springs in a safe and professional fashion.

  2. Inspect Your Cables

    Carefully inspect the garage door cables twice a month. They are meant to connect the spring framework to the base sections on either side of the door. They should not be frayed, as it can lead to extreme damage to the door and also your belongings. So, if you find damaged or frayed cables, get them fixed by a professional as soon as possible.

  3. Maintain Consistent Service

    Consistent service is essential to keep your door performing smoothly and efficiently. Annual inspection and maintenance of the door will ensure the security of your home. You can call our garage door professional in Calgary for annual maintenance service of your garage doors. Our skilled professionals have years of experience and well-versed with the mechanism of every make and model of door.

Keeping your garage door in tip top shape is vital to ensure its longevity. These simple tips will keep your door reliable and efficient. For professional assistance you can contact our licensed and insured professionals at Gulliver Garage Doors Calgary. We are your local garage door experts.