How to Protect your Garage from Pests?

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How to Protect your Garage from Pests?

We all love our homes and do anything to keep it clean and tidy. What about your garage? Most of the people have never really thought about this thing. They don’t really feel the need to do so.

Let us tell you that by keeping your garage neat and pest free, you can use it more than just a garage. Garages are great for storing various items, making a small gym, play games, work cabin and what not.

For all this, it is important that you take care of your garage in the best possible manner and keep those rats, mice and other pests out.

Tips to protect your garage from pests:-

  • Seal

The most common way pests enter your garage door is through any of the openings. Check your garage thoroughly and look for all the possible openings.

Make sure your garage door closes perfectly and leaves no gap. Check your windows or any other opening which might invite these unwanted guests to your garage and seal them immediately.

  • Check surroundings

If you are dealing with pests, it is very important to keep your surroundings clean. Check if there is any garbage, piles of paper or other stuff lying there.

Remove these at the earliest, as these make home to a lot of insects and pests. Even look for any water pool around the garage, as this can invite a lot of pests and even animals.

  • Don’t keep trash

Keeping trash in the garage is like giving full invitation to all the insects and pests. It can serve them for food and water, thus making their residence.

This makes no sense and is never recommended to keep the trash inside your garage. It is better to find a suitable place for the trash outside the garage. Also avoid storing Pet food in there.

  • Weather stripping

It is very much recommended that you install weather stripping around your garage. This will not only protect your wall and windows from any weather disturbances but also save it from pests.

It works by sealing all the entry points perfectly, even adding a curb appeal to the house. Thus, it solves three purposes at the same time.

  • Pesticides

What best than using pesticides to run the pests out of your garage? Before you start to use pesticide, make sure to go through its manual.

It should be sprayed in repetition to the garage and its surroundings. Also, it should be used very carefully as you don’t want any kind of health issues for your family.

The above points will surely help you get rid of the pests, but if you still face any issues, don’t hesitate to call professionals for help!