Taking a Decision For Your Garage Door? Don’t Consider The Following Myths For It

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Taking a Decision For Your Garage Door? Don’t Consider The Following Myths For It

Since a garage door holds a lot of importance in one’s house, taking decision on any of its issue is tough for sure. There are times when owners have to take their decision regarding some major repair or replacement of their garage door.

For this, it is important that they have accurate information for the same. Since there are a lot of garage door myths prevailing in the market, it is important that the garage door owners should clear all their doubts through professionals so that they don’t end up making a wrong choice.

Myths & Facts For Garage Doors

Myth – Garage doors have hardly any difference in them.
Fact – This is not true at all as all garage doors have different features and are also built with different materials. This makes each and every garage door different. Had they all been same, why would they vary so much in their price?

Myth – All garage doors are too loud!
Fact – Not true again as garage doors are very much different when it comes to their noise levels.
It all depends on the quality of the material used and this quality depends greatly on their price. It is true that all garage doors make noise but the top quality garage doors make noise which hardly gets noticed.

Myth – There is no need to maintain garage doors.
Fact – How can there be a thing that goes on working without getting repaired or maintained? Garage doors are no exception and demand proper and regular maintenance in order to keep working throughout the year.

Myth –Manual garage doors are preferred greatly over automatic garage doors.
Fact –Just because manual garage doors are easier to install, doesn’t makes them better in any sense. If you look at the features and other comforts which you get with automatic garage doors, you would hardly care about the installation part.

Myth – All garage door service companies work in the same way.
Fact – No two companies in the world can be same as both have different set of rules to give the repair and replacement services. Each and every company differ greatly in the quality of work they do and also in terms of prices.

Myth – Repair is needed only if a garage door component fails.
Fact – It is highly recommended not to believe this myth. If you will wait for the component to fail, it will not get repaired but replaced only. This will make you pay more as replacement is pretty much expensive than the repair. If you regularly get your door inspected, the fault can be detected at the earliest and the component can be repaired at that time only!

Any More Doubts?

If you still have any doubts regarding a garage door issue, feel free to contact Gulliver Garage Doors Calgary. Our professionals will be more than happy to help you and clear all your doubts. Call us to know more on our services or to request a quote!