Looking For a New Garage Door? Choose The Right Material For Your New Door

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Looking For a New Garage Door? Choose The Right Material For Your New Door

Deciding to get a new door for your garage is very easy, but picking the right material can be daunting and overwhelming for every homeowner. Before selecting the right door for your garage, there are many things to consider. There are so many manufacturer companies whose provide you various options when it comes about color, style and material. With all these options, material is the most important thing to consider.

Every homeowner wants a door which delivers the best return on investment. There are different materials available and each of which has some pros and cons. If you have made your decision and want to replace your overhead door, familiarize yourself with different materials to make your choice the best.

  1. Wooden doors: If you want to give an authentic and traditional look to your house and also want to enjoy the classic appeal, wood is the way to go. After all the wood is the natural and original door material. These doors come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. Also along with a window style. Choosing wooden door requires more maintenance and attention on your behalf.
  2. Fiberglass doors: Fiberglass doors are not the most popular choice like the other materials. Because these doors do not offer insulation and can fade from weather exposure. Fiberglass has one of bigger strengths, it can be painted and offer greater resistance to dents than thin steel material. It is also more resistant to salt water corrosion, that’s why it is a good choice for coastal locations.
  3. Steel doors: Steel overhead doors are the most popular for several reasons. These doors are the most durable because it will not crack, delaminate or warp. These doors offer outstanding and amazing design flexibility. There are two things to consider before buying a steel door – steel is a poor insulator on its own and these doors come in various thickness and prone to dents.
  4. Aluminum doors: This material is more durable than other materials, especially the glass and the fiberglass. The fiberglass and glass can crack and break easily and fiberglass can yellow with the passing of time. Aluminum garage doors are light weight and cost effective when it comes to about save a few bucks. These doors are lighter means it is easier to manually open and close the door and also cheaper to install.
  5. Wood composite: These doors are made from recycled wood fibers and resin. For those homeowners who want to add the elegance of solid wood without the stress of painting and sanding, a wood composite is the perfect low maintenance choice. These doors are lighter and do not warp, split, rot and crack. Like other materials, these doors come in various styles.

Now, you are familiar with garage door materials. The given information will help you to make the right decision about your new overhead door. Professionals highly recommended that prioritize your needs and set your budget before buying the door. For more information, schedule your free consultation with us