Is Your Garage Door the Noisiest in the Neighborhood?

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Garage Door the Noisiest in the Neighborhood

Is there a loud, monstrous sound coming from your garage door every time it is opened or closed? Is the noise loud enough to wake you and others in the neighborhood?

Whatever it is that’s causing your overhead door sound like a beast, it is important to figure out the cause and deal with it before you and your door become to the talk of the neighborhood (not in a good way!). Aside from making your house the least popular on the block, a noisy garage door can also indicate a problem. It’s best to call professionals at garage door repair Calgary deal with this noise problem before someone ends up getting injured.

What the heck is causing all that noise?

Unfortunately, no garage door or opener in the world runs in a complete silent mode. However, there is a huge difference in the sounds produced by a door that is functioning normally and a door with problems that sounds like a beast.

Just like any moving object, there are various mechanisms involved in a garage door that can cause noises and indicate an underlying issue. One of the most common reasons of a noisy door is friction. As a garage door ages, its parts lose the lubrication which prevents them from functioning smoothly and properly. When the lubrication begins to wear off, the parts start to grind against each other in a noisy manner.

Fortunately, not all the loud sounds produced by an overhead door necessarily indicate a serious problem. However, some sorts of wear and tear, especially in outdated models, need immediate attention before they become a safety concern.

Should you repair it yourself or contact a professional?

Most of the time those loud noises coming from your door can easily be fixed by lubricating all the moving parts. It is also important to check for yourself that the nuts and bolts of your garage door parts Calgary are all properly secured.

If you are unsure whether or not it is safe to fix your own garage door, then it’s best to contact a professional. Also contact a reputable garage door repair Calgary service, if you have a garage door, opener, or parts that need replacement.

Call our experienced and skilled team of garage door technicians if you are dealing with the noisiest garage door in the neighborhood. Gulliver Garage Doors offers a free quote and can definitely get your garage door up and running in no time.