Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips For Homeowners

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Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips For Homeowners

Garage doors are the largest moving objects of commercial and residential establishments. Components of the door that are working constantly are more prone to wear and tear over time. They need visual inspection and timely maintenance. Garage door cable, springs, pulley, openers work constantly under extreme pressure. So, they must be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

It is the best way to keep them in their pristine condition for years to come. General routine maintenance is easy and could be done without any hassle. Some of the techniques that are easy to perform and can help in smooth functioning of the doors are as following:

  1. Treating Worn Cables: Springs are attached to the bottom of the door with the help of metal cables. Cables bear extreme pressure as like the springs while lifting or dropping the door. If the door is not working properly, then there are chances that cables are frayed. They need to be replaced immediately to avoid any personal or property harm. Make sure you call a professional service as they acquire proper tools and have due knowledge about cables.
  2. Worn Springs: Garage door working mechanism depends on the condition of the springs. Generally doors are equipped with one spring but when the door weight is more then it requires two springs for more support. Visual inspection can help you determine the condition of the springs. Apply some grease time to time for smooth operation of the door. Worn springs can be really dangerous so make sure you get them replaced timely from a certified technician.
  3. Loose Brackets: Cables are attached to brackets on both the sides. These brackets bear a lot of pressure. Thus, you need to inspect each one to check whether they are firmly attached or not. If you are not sure about the problem, call a professional. It is not a do-it-yourself chore so don’t try to fix it yourself without prior knowledge.

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