Garage Door Opener Repair, Replacement & Service in Calgary

Garage Door Opener Repair Professional
Powerful, quiet and durable, our garage door openers are designed for performance. Gulliver Garage Doors brings you high quality openers of various leading brands to maximize performance and reliability. Our full line of automatic openers features a variety of characteristics and power levels to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Each opener also comes with built-in features to ensure safety, convenience and power. Apart from this, we also specialize in repair, installation and replacement of every type of garage door opener.

Our garage door opener repairmen in Calgary have years of experience in the garage door industry. Be it screw, chain or belt drive opener, we have mastered the skills of handling any type of opener efficiently. You don’t need to panic in case your door refuses to perform in the middle of the night or early morning. We are always ready to help you with our quality services.

Garage Door Opener Service Specialist in Calgary

Our Calgary garage door technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the top-notch opener services that could prevent all the issues that you might be facing. Our professionals are equipped with all the necessary equipments, techniques and garage door parts to handle any type of opener issues.

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Some of the garage door opener issues our Calgary technicians can troubleshoot include:

  • Malfunctioning motor and drive mechanisms
  • Broken chains
  • Faulty or broken remote controls
  • Damaged motion sensors
  • Damaged gears
  • Broken trolley carriages
  • Burnt out lights
  • Bad circuit boards

Some Common Garage Door Opener Problems

  • Garage door won’t close or open properly.
  • Garage door opener does not operate
  • Garage door won’t open or close with remote control.
  • Failure of garage door motor
  • Garage door light fails to operate

Same Day Emergency Services

If your garage door opener is broken and you are in need of emergency door opener service, call the company you can trust – Gulliver Garage Doors Ltd. We understand that a faulty door opener can hamper your daily routine or company’s operation. Furthermore, it also poses a security risk for your property. That’s why, we pride ourselves on providing round-the-clock emergency garage door services to our residential and commercial clients. You will always find us beside you during an emergency.

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