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The cables for our garage door are crucial components. Give our trained technicians a call to have yours fixed or replaced, do not try to repair them yourself.

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Garage Door Cable & Replacement Services in Calgary

Garage doors are made up of several components that help a garage door raise and lower safely and elegantly. Cables are one of these components, and when they are broken or damaged, the door will not be able to move properly. Our Calgary garage door specialists at Gulliver Garage Doors Ltd strongly recommend inspecting the garage door cables every couple of months to catch the potential signs of fraying or sagging. So far, our professionals have successfully replaced hundreds of garage door cables across Calgary.

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How You Know Your Garage Cable Needs Fixing

Homeowners are advised to pay close attention to potential warning signs with your garage door cables. They may warn you about whether you need to repair the garage door or replace the garage door cables. Those warning signs include:

  • Frayed, worn or broken strands in the garage door cable
  • Broken springs that has imbalanced the door
  • Failure of the door to open even when the opener is working properly

Even though you may not have given them a thought earlier, it’s important to pay close attention to your garage door cables in the future. Make sure you call in our professional technicians at Gulliver Garage Doors Ltd even at the very first sign of wear. We will come to do an inspection right away to check the condition of the cables and suggest the necessary actions.

Emergency Service

We provide same day emergency services for cable repair across Calgary, so feel free to call us anytime to get your garage door back to its original performance. Whether you want a new cable all together or looking for immediate replacement of one, our Calgary garage door specialists are always ready to help you.

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  • Same day emergency service
  • Professional & licensed technicians
  • Unmatched customer service
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Why it’s important to hire a professional?

Garage door cables must be repaired by the experts as they have the right knowledge to determine what type of cable will be appropriate for use for a specific type of door. At Gulliver Garage Doors, our experienced Calgary technicians will determine whether the cable needs to be replaced or not. We will also help you identify any other potential signs of damage that may hamper the smooth performance of your door in the near future.

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