Check Out These Signs For a Poorly Installed Garage Door

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Check Out These Signs For a Poorly Installed Garage Door

Garage door is the most important aspect of a garage and should be treated accordingly. Installing a garage door is quite a task and should be carried out in the best possible manner. It is always recommended to hire a professional for installing a garage door as it requires expertise and experience.

Most of the people look for options to save money, by installing themselves or hiring a cheap and inexperienced professional.

Most of the times, this cheap method gets pretty much expensive over the time, as it hardly gets installed right. So, look out for these signs for a poorly installed garage door.

Signs For a Poorly Installed Garage Door:-

  • Slow Garage Door Opening or Stopping in the Middle

A poorly installed garage door will close halfway up or refuses to go beyond a certain point. This is a clear indication that the extension or the torsion spring is not working properly. When a garage door is not installed properly, these things are bound to happen. It may be due to the quality of the spring or wrong installation, both making up for your trouble.

  • Gets Almost Impossible To Operate

There are times when a poorly installed garage door will bounce back or operate in a very rough manner. No matter, what you keep on doing to correct it, it will operate in the same manner. This is mainly because of a damaged or poorly installed pulley. Apart from this, there might be issues regarding tracks, cables etc. So, it is advisable to call a good professional in the beginning itself, to avoid such damage.

  • Garage Door Doesn’t Want To open or Close At All

With a poorly installed garage door, list of problems keep on increasing with time. One of this is failing to open or close completely. This indicates an issue with the main drive gear, as the plastic gear does not come in contact with it. This generally happens when you are trying to install your garage door very fast and we all know that for perfection, time is needed.

  • Auto Reverse Mechanism Fails To Function

Installing a garage door needs proper coordination and organizing skills. When you don’t pay importance to any one of these things, it is likely to come up with an issue. Your sensors are there to protect your garage from hitting onto something and if they fail, a lot of damage can be done. Do you have to hold the button down till the garage door closes? Does it not stop when you throw something in?

If yes, it is a clear indication that your sensors are not working fine.

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