7 Easy Steps To Maintain An Automatic Garage Door

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7 Easy Steps To Maintain An Automatic Garage Door

Garage doors are sustainable home elements that truly makes life much easier. They are the heaviest and largest openings which are installed to protect a vehicle against thefts and natural elements. Though these doors provide many great benefits, a faulty installation can destroy the peace of mind of a homeowner. In order to make sure that your overhead door installation works reliably for years to come, its important that you maintain and lubricate it periodically.

Some ways to maintain an automatic garage door are:

  1. First of all, check the power button. If your door isn’t opening up at all, then there are chances that it may not be getting proper or adequate electricity to perform its operation. Make sure that the plug is firmly fixed into the socket and the wall switch is turned on.

  2. To access your vehicle, you may need to enter your garage manually. For this, there is need to pull the emergency release chain that in turn will open the door up.

  3. If you are unable to open your sectional overhead door manually, check to see if there is any obstruction that is restricting the operating mechanism. Objects such as pebbles, toys or any other foreign object might be compelling the door to remain struck. Remove the obstruction to get smooth door operation.

  4. Inspect the door carefully to notice any damages or cracks. For the safety of your family and children, may sure that all the door components are securely connected with each other. If you find any signs of damage or wear and tear, get them fixed by a garage door repair professional.

  5. In rare cases, the opener motor gets over heated that leads to the jamming of door. Allow the motor to cool down by avoiding any door operation for about 15 minutes. After this, again push the wall button to open the overhead door. If the problem persists, install a new garage door opener.

  6. For security purposes, it is advised to change your garage door security code every month. This will not only prevent the risk of unwanted access, but will also enhance the safety of your vehicle and family.

  7. Test the door reverse mechanism to make sure whether your door is operating perfectly or has become faulty. Open it partially and leave in the middle. If it rolls down, then there is some issue with the door operation.

These are some troubleshooting tips that can assist in finding and solving the critical garage door repair issues. If your overhead door is not performing as desired, feel free to call our repair technicians at Gulliver Garage Doors Calgary for service.