5 Garage Door Styles to Watch In 2016

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Do you want to increase the value and curb appeal of your home that too without spending much money? If so, then we have a cost-effective way to help you achieve this goal. Just install a new garage door and you are sorted. Yes, a new garage door. Garage doors have a very powerful impact on the overall appearance of your home. In brief, it can make and break the good image of your home.

Whether you need a low-maintenance door or a door that is stylish and modern, there is a wide range of garage door styles that you should consider in 2016.

Traditional Wood Rail and Stile

The rail and stile garage door portrays the traditional style of raised panels. They add timeless beauty and can match any kind of home exterior perfectly. Various size panels are available to give your home a classic look.

Carriage Style Swing Doors

These style doors are perfect if you have a home rendering both contemporary and traditional styles. These doors are perfect blend of modern and traditional looks as they have iron handles and hinges to give vintage feel. If you have Tudor style stone homes, then you shouldn’t miss this style. You can match the door color with your home easily since a variety of colors are available to choose from.

Modern Flair

If you like to keep your home exteriors more classy and modern, the consider streamline aluminum doors with frosted glass panels. They will enhance the beauty of your space while keeping the elements subtle. Add lighting system to add a dramatic look to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Arched Top Style Garage Doors

Homeowners who focus on architectural styles, prefer doors with distinctive contours. You can paint the doors black and with the overhead lighting add warmth and style to your home. This can turn your home exteriors from ho-hum to amazing.

A Custom Look

If you are looking for something that is just amazing and out of the box, consider custom garage door. All the styles described above can be customized to meet the home exterior needs. You can integrate the features and touches that suit your personal taste and make your home stand out the crowd.

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